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Sound Asleep pillow features built-in speakers

Are you a music lover? and you need to listen to some music before you can actually fall asleep? Then Sound Asleep pillow will fit for your problems. This wonderfully squishy pillow has a built-in speakers that can connect to any audio source including iPods, mp3 players, radios and TVs. The built-in speaker pillow sings out its desire to bring peace , if not quiet, to the sleeping masses. Simply plug your music source (iPod, radio, TV out) into the pillow’s. The pillow has a 46 detachable stereo plug and the sound quality coming out of the speaker is fairly decent too. The pillow is otherwise a normal fluffy pillow it relieves your stress and tension, it won’t disturb others. 100% cotton with an all-polyester fill and 180 thread count. Measures 20″ x 26″.

For $30, It’s a fun combination of comfort and sound without headphones so you can easily drift off to sleep while enjoying your favorite music.


Elecom’s wireless headphones for the iPod Shuffle

Are you looking for a headphones that are wireless??? then this is what you are looking for. The Elecom’s Actrail headphones are wireless, Bluetooth-less ear muffs designed for your miniature Apple-borne MP3 player. Elecom  found a way to create a wireless pair of headphones without the need for clunky batteries or Bluetooth hardware. There is a 3.5mm jack right there on the side which impales the Shuffle and keeps it in place. To change tracks, volume or anything else, just reach up to your ear and press. The Actrail headphones (which is derived from Trail Access’ for that is their name) feature a handy mount for the latest generation iPod Shuffles. The Actrails cost ¥4,200 ($50) a pair and come in pink or white and are available in Japan. It’s ingenious, and although apparently limited to the latest-gen Shuffle only.




ohgizmo via wired

Slap wristband from Griffin,most colorful watch for iPod nano 6G

Your iPod nano watch options just got a bit more colorful, thanks to Griffin’s new Slap wristband. It appears to be the most protective and colorful option yet.

The Slap wristband is made entirely of a soft silicone wrapped spring steal wristband. This makes the wristband worn by slap into your hands, then slap around your wrist. Slap was equipped with a generous frame of silicone that holds your iPod securely and shrugs off bumps and jolts. It is available in eight different color (like the rainbow color): Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. Slap protects the dock connector and volume controls. When it comes to time, you can press the Sleep/Wake button through the frame to check the time or control iTunes. It will be cost for $$25 and soon to be available at Griffin.


i3DG Palm Top Theater for your iPhone or iPod,puts 3D movies in the palm of your hand

Palm Top Theater puts 3D movies in the palm of your hand. It is an exhibition consisting of a device called i3DG. i3DG derives from the words”I”,  “3D”, and “Gadget”.

i3DG is invented by Jitsuro Mase, a media artist, and produced by DIRECTIONS, Inc, a Japanese media production company.

i3DG is a playful analog extension to an iPhone or an iPodTouch, converting its 2D display into a layered 3D view. Using the old technique of placing a half-silvered mirror at a 45-degree angle in front of an image, in a new context, the project extends upon 3D displays and iPhones. As a peripheral gadget, i3DG can support a wide range of different applications, from  3Dvideos and animations to accelerometer-based games.

This device lets you enjoy 3D movies right in the palm of your hand without 3D glasses or other gear. Both production and playback of the visuals do not require special technology or equipment, such as shooting imagery with 2 cameras or using complicated CG technique for image production. It has won a prize of an international competition, Ars Electronica Festival 2010 Honorary Mention.







i3DG Palm Top Theater via CreativeApplications.Net


Brookstone brings iDesign 2-in-1 Music system with iPod Dock

Brookstone already released iDesign Flip a months ago, now it didn’t end up there. In addition to the iDesign Flip, Brookstone brings also the iDesign 2-in-1 Music system for iPod Media Players. The 2-in-1 system features a slot-loading CD player( cannot play over DVD’s), FM tuner with a 30-station memory and built-in alarm clock and  the system can also be get up on. You can Dock your iPod allowing you to enjoy music from your iPod. The iDesign 2-in-1 Music System comes with full-range stereo speakers. It is priced at $99.95 at Brookstone.






Hasbro unveiled My3D that attaches to the two Apple Inc. devices on Tuesday

The nation’s second-largest toy maker Hasbro is set to unveil to investors on Tuesday a handheld device called My3D that attaches to the two Apple Inc. devices. It promises three-dimensional content that offers a 360-degree experience in gaming, virtual travel experiences and entertainment content.

Hasbro said it was guided by Apple during development and believes there’s nothing available that matches the quality and 3-D experience on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

According to AP, It will be priced at $30. The device resembles a pair of binoculars with a slot in which users insert their iPod or iPhone.

It will be available starting next spring at stores where Apple’s iPhones and iPod Touches are available.






Rotating Speaker from Yubz designed for your iPhone’s & iPod’s

Here is the latest product from Yubz – the Rotating Speaker designed for your iPhone’s, iPod’s and or other music players and mobile devices. With its rotatable design, users can turn the speaker station at 90° to enjoy both music and videos while recharging your iPhone in one speaker device.

Simply secure your device in the media station and speaker system to listen to music. Or, rotate the docking station 90° to make the device horizontal to enjoy videos.

The Rotating Speaker features multi-dimensional acoustic performance delivered by YUBZ’s advanced Sound Space 2.0™ technology to ensure supreme sound quality and pre-built optimized equalization.

Product Features:

Recharge and playback docking for iPod/ iPhone
90° rotatable docking
Vertical mode to play music, and horizontal mode to play videos
Sound Space 2.0™ technology
Remote control to choose songs and adjust volume
3.5mm Stereo mini Jack to connect with other devices


The price of the Rotating Speaker is a bit pricey at $149.99.





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