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ThinkGeek Just in time for Rock Band 3!

Just in time for Rock Band 3, ThinkGeek is releasing their latest Shirt, the Electronic Music Synth Shirt. After the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt and Drum Kit Shirt, ThinkGeek always had plans to put together a full rock band and it has been complete now. This fully-playable, t-shirt-based music synthesizer features professional quality sounds in a unique wearable format and up to eight keys can be played at once. It has high-quality sampled sounds and stylist retro amp box. You’ll be jamming like a real ROCKSTAR!

The Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt can be bought for $29.99 to $32.98 depending on sizing.

Kid’s size version of Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt now available!

If you remember, ThinkGeek has already released their Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt a few days ago, and now they create new one for kids…

ThinkGeek believe that there are no limit when it comes to being a rock God!…that’s why they taken rock-enabled interactive shirts and cranked out sizes for the youngest of rock and roll dreamers. Plus they upgrade into complete actual playable drum kit on the front. That’s right. An electronic t-shirt with a picture of an actual playable drum kit on the front. With 7 different drum sounds, hit the drums on this shirt with your finger and they play through the built in speaker… simple but amazing. You’re ready for a personal drum solo on your chest.

For $29.99 you can now enjoy being a RockStar!….

Here is a video of of Electronic Shirt Drum Kit







ThinkGeek’s Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt- Wearable Rock!

We already here about the video game which gives us hot on the heels on the Guitar Hero, now here comes a wearable shirt that can actually played by the fingers. The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from ThinkGeek.

Using a magnetic pick and your fingers, you can actually strum and play the guitar printed on the shirt, almost like the real thing. It has Miniature amp included you just clip it in your belt or in the pocket. Turned on the mini amp, cranked the volume to 11 and Pooff!!,started to rock and plays back samples of all the major chords recorded from an actual electric guitar, and yes, the volume dial absolutely goes to 11.

Each button on the neck is a major chord. Remember never to use the Guitar Shirt for evil, meaning,never used it for preparing to call on the Demon of Rock and duel to the death for musical supremacy.

The Electronic Guitar Shirt is not a toy that plays pre-canned musical riffs, it is a real musical instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs and sound great doing it.

All major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar, and the included magnetic pick allows you to strum just like you would a real guitar.

The tone knob on the amp lets you adjust the sound just like a real guitar.

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt Video:


Product Features

  • Belt out your favorite rock tunes on this t-shirt based real playable electric guitar
  • Great real rock sound
  • Play all major chords
  • Strum by waving the included magnetic pick over the strings
  • Mini guitar amp speaker clips to your belt
  • Volume goes to 11
  • Adjustable tone knob
  • Electronic components are easily removed from the shirt for washing
  • Includes two magnetic picks
  • Picks stick to speaker grill for easy storage
  • Requires 4 x AAA Batteries. Not included


Why is it Rock?….because it has no musical talent necessary to use it to sound it great and you can easily learn your favorite songs and rock out.

Cool isn’t it. What a good idea. Now you need to get one your size!



Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt



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