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‘Beautiful Modeler’ an app that adds new functionality to your iPad

Interactive Fabrications is a pair of applications that lets you sculpt applicationsmodeling-clay with your fingers, thanks to the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities.

Each finger is used to control a single touch point in the model, with multiple layers working to build up 3D volume. As the controller is connected over the wireless network, it can be moved freely to change the viewing angle of the model.

The model itself is presented on the main display rather than on the controller itself; this prevents occlusion of the model when sculpting with the whole hand. the controller can be rotated or flipped to sculpt from a range of angles.

While it isn’t that precise as other hardware-based offerings out there, at least it does help you experience a more tangible effort. Too bad the app cannot be found on the App Store just yet, and there isn’t even any word on whether it will be arriving there at all either.

Check out a video of the sculpting in action:






Peavey’s AmpKit LiNK, a portable electric guitar interface for the iPhone

Peavey Electronics and leading iPhone applications developer Agile Partners have joined forces to launch AmpKit, an unparalleled guitar amp and effects iPhone application, and AmpKit LiNK, a high fidelity audio interface for the iPhone, iPod touch* and iPad.

The AmpKit experience begins with the free AmpKit app (or it’s feature packed paid version AmpKit+) from the iTunes App Store. The application itself is very sleek, the primary interface is a virtual view of the amp head/cabinet, microphone and effects that you currently have set, giving you a good overview of all your settings. The interface also provides a number of preset configurations, a metronome and tuner, and an interface for recording clips and transferring them wirelessly to your PC or Mac. The second piece of the AmpKit experience is the AmpKit LiNK device. Just plug the device into the headphone jack on your iPhone and then plug in your guitar (via standard guitar cable) and a set of headphones into the AmpKit LiNK. Next, select one of the presets from the AmpKit app and you’re ready to go.

Which brings me to the final point on this device, with a price point of $39.99 for the hardware, the AmpKit LiNK is an affordable tool for any guitarist with an iPhone. New amps, effects and microphones can be purchased from within the AmpKit app for $4.99, $2.99 and $0.99 respectively which may seem a bit pricey when compared to other downloadable media. However, considering the costs of their real world counterparts and the quality of the sounds they produce, these prices are a bargain.

Peavey via OhGizmo

PLX XWave headset makes it possible to control your iPhones

Meet the newest gadgets creation for your iPod’s, iPhone’s, and iPad’s. Even if you aren’t a fan of the iPad, or any one of Apple’s creations, you do have to admit that there’s a huge array of very interesting applications, both physical and digital, that get created to support those pieces of gadgetry.While many of them may be unique in their own way, we can safely say that the xWave from PLX Devices is definitely unique in pretty much every way you think about it.

From what i have gather, PLX Devices’ XWave is a brainwave interface that works on the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. It’s actually a relatively small device that fits right onto your cranium, much like a pair of over-the-ear headphones, which will at the later time read the brainwaves therein. PLX Devices says that you’ll be able to control your own mind, as well as the world around it.

According to the company’s site, this is what they say:

XWave, powered by NeuroSky eSense patented technologies, senses the faintest electrical impulses transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital. With XWave, you will be able to detect attention and meditation levels, as well as train your mind to control things. Objects in a game can be controlled, lights in your living room can change color depending on your mood; the possibilities are limited to only the power of your imagination.

I haven’t seen one of these yet, but I think it is great to have one of these…lol..I just really wanna see some one walking down the street with one of these.Plus you look really cool… … ..=) I was thinking, maybe next thing they will develop is someone who could control your brains….not


Carl Zeiss new Cinemizer Glasses features 3D apps

Ziess Cinemizer Glasses

Hey Guys!,Check out the Newest Cinemizer Plus Video glasses that features 3D capability for home theater and gaming applications. Isn’t that cool???….They’re a new product called the Cinemizer, which has been launched at Macworld Expo by Carl Zeiss, of camera tech fame. It is powered by a battery residing in the special iPod dock and it is also come up with a wired remote control to play, stop and pause videos. Absolutely great!.

Imagine ?its like watching an Ipod Videos as if  they’re being shown on a 45-inch screen.

A small external box connects to a variety of playback sources such as iPhone, iPod touch, gaming consoles, laptops, and Blu-ray players.

The cinemizer can come up with up to 4-hours of battery life.

Don’t you want some of this?…its awesome.

Thanks to Carl Ziess [Via ]

Buying Apps: So funny but so true

When you think about it, we buy more things everyday for far more than most applications are worth however we still move away at the thought of paying lots of money for an apps that will be there all the time helping you get through your boring moments and giving you something more to do.

….So funny…..but so true!….

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SMS Replier Pro a texting while driving solution

SMS Replier Application

What a great Application!..SMS Replier not only automatically replies to text, It knows when you are driving. Texting while driving (TWD) continues to be one of the most dangerous threats on our nation’s freeways, yet at any given time, over 800,000 people are engaged in this practice. When on the road, the smart technology in SMS Replier™ triggers the automatic text message response whenever a call or text arrives

SMS Repliers allows the user to comfortably focus on Operating their vehicle knowing that inbound calls and text will not go unanswered. Instead, their contact has been answered with a responsible message that the recipient is driving and will contact them in the future. If the user is driving, a message is sent.

SMS Replier is available for download. It comes up with 26 pre-set convenience messages with timers that are useful in variety of situations, allowing users to choose between automatically select or creating a virtually unlimited amount of totally customizable responses as well. Sms repliers are able to use in Windows and Androids phones(HTC Eris, Cliq, Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid, Devour, Samsung M900, G1, Hero, Desire, T-mobile myTouch 3G, Sprint Samsung Moment, Zepplin, and the MB 300),

Users can pre-register for their iPhone and Palm webOS platforms at

Source: Gizmodo

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