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Love to Rock Speakers from PB Teen, Tune in and rock out.

What are some real good speakers to ROCK out with? Loud and proud, clear and full range. You love to Rock or Not? Then the Love to Rock Speakers from PB Teen has got it out for you. Well, probably if your not a Rocker or you don’t even like the taste of looking or being a Rockstar, then is not a problem especially for the Hippie Chicks out there. Because the Black Rock Speaker and the Pink Rock Speaker looks Hippie and as a matter of fact, these speakers are artsy enough to be hung up on a wall, and certainly look good together as a pair, thats why anyone can be fond of it either your a rocker or not. These brick shaped speakers double as AM/FM radios and measure 9″ wide x 2″ deep x 4″ high and it can be bought for $25.00.

Electronic Spy Camera T-Shirt perfect for Mr. Bond 007

Sometimes the best hiding spot is right out in the open, and that’s exactly the philosophy behind ThinkGeek’s latest creation, the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt.


It’s so deliciously obvious. The shirt features a faux movie poster graphic for a non-existent film called From Tokyo With Love, Centered in the artwork on the shirt is the man himself,a hero who is like and dressed like James Bond 007  holding a camera to his face. But not just a picture of a camera. Hidden behind the soft cotton exterior is a fully-functioning spy camera. That’s right. Whatever your chest can see, the camera can see. A cable connects the camera to a small black box that fits discreetly in your pocket. Just reach in, press the button, and your shirt will capture the evidence before you.

A remote wired trigger, which can be stashed in your pocket, is used to snap up to 150 covert pics before you need to dump them to a PC via a USB cable, and presumably the 3xAAA batteries and is compatible with both a Mac and Windows OS and all parts are removable  like most electronically enhanced tees the high-tech bits are completely removable for washing purposes, so you can wash your t-shirt.

and it’s available now from ThinkGeek for $39.99.

Go and grab it now so you can be a spy like Bond 007.




Table Connect for iPhone multitouch on steroids! Big Time!

In terms of gadgets, smaller is usually better. Technology company spend more time and money in order to create some of the world’s smallest, sleekest and most lightweight devices. Early next week, however, the giant technology will change gears entirely when it introduces its 58-inch Table Connect for iPhones, the biggest smart phone device you will ever see.

The Table Connect is basically a desktop with iPhone functionality. The huge multi-touch screen is equipped with a 30-pin Dock Connector that lets users hook it up directly to their iPhone. When attached, the Table Connect mirrors everything that is happening on the handset. All of the applications and data that are on the phone can be accessed using the 58″ capacitive multi-touch desktop. With a bit of magic, the table becomes your iPhone.

Table Connect States:

We are about to put the final touches on the “iPhone Table” prototype. Table Connect for iPhone is what you have been waiting for, multitouch on steroids!

For now, we start with mock-ups as well. Currently, we are finishing up the work on the alpha release software for the table.

The iPhone is attached via the standard dock connector – immediately after it is attached, the magic starts to happen. The entire content of the iPhone’s screen will be projected onto the multitouch table, still giving full access to all the touch gestures using multitouch technology.

Just by looking at pictures of the Table Connect for iPhone, we assume it will probably be out of the price range of most consumers.








Sony Bloggie new babies in two hot new colors Pink & Blue

If you haven’t heard of the Sony Bloggie yet, It is a HD video camera capable of capturing at full HD 1080p. Now that you know what is Sony Bloggie, and you want it as much as I do, you definitely just be in luck because they have just rolled out two new colors for pre-order. The Pink and the Blue Bloggie fit for the Holiday Season.

This gorgeous and simple, but high quality camera is definitely a must have, but unfortunately, they are only available in 8GB models, the 4GB. This ultra-compact camera captures gorgeous, 12.8-megapixel still photos with perfect detail for cropping shots or large prints.

You can shoot amazing-looking HD video no matter where you are. And because Bloggie Touch videos are recorded in the web-friendly MP4 format, all of your footage can be easily uploaded to your favorite sharing sites.

So what are you waiting for,grab one of these, dont be outdated, it’s sleek style is sure to steal hearts.



The Tour Line of the Headphones-Empire Brands Wicked Tour

You can never have enough options when it comes to headphones. Especially ones that look strikingly different, the first time you ever see them. That is probably Empire Brands create a snazzy headphones which should catch your attention and can tour you to the nice flow quality sound of music. Empire Brands introduce the Wicked Tour Headphones.

We certainly like pricier and elegant headphones out there, but not everyone can afford. The Empire Brands Wicked Tour Headphones are a budget friendly pair of  headphones that manage to look snazzy, despite sporting a super low price tag. They will cost you only $19.99. The Wicked Tour headphone is over-the-ear and styled in the “graffiti-inspired” fashion.These headphones fold up to be about half of their size. Both ear pieces turn in and the head band folds in the middle creating a cute little designer package that can fit in almost any pocket. It pack some powerful sound in there, giving you a nice mixture of design elements, with high-quality sound. Empire Brands is confident in their new headphones,they look good enough to wear, that’s for sure. Even if you’re not in to the graffiti style of things, you can probably wear these and not feel too bad about it.

These headphones are designed with durable plastic, comfortable ear cushions, and feature vibrant color choices. Each plug is gold-plated to prevent corrosion or damage, and each cord is 1.2 meters long to ensure optimum flexibility while listening on the go. Since they are foldable, they are also durable by throwing them in your already stuffed pocketbook . They can also withstand being pulled in and out, as well as opened and closed a lot.

If gold/black isn’t your thing – the Tour line of headphones is also available in two other dual color designs.










Eye-Fi released its new online sharing service

Do your photos and videos always seem to be at home when you want to show them or share them?  or Kids today are all about their tweets and their texts, but if grandma can decode a digital picture at all pretty much the only way she’s going to get it is via e-mail?

Eye-Fi has a solution to them.

Eye-Fi has introduced the Eye-Fi View online sharing service and has released an updated version of its Eye-Fi Center software application. The latest version of the software allows users to share full resolution images using a new email-sharing feature. n addition, the company has also released a firmware update for its X2 series of wireless memory cards.

It’s easy: just enable Eye-Fi View. You’ll then be able to view, share or download photos from the last 7 days wherever internet is available by logging into with your Eye-Fi credentials.

In Eye-Fi View, just select your favorite photos, and send friends & family a private link through email. They will be able to view and download your newly created collection in full resolution for 7 days – no login required. No hassles. Just fun. photos & videos sent directly from your camera to your Eye-Fi View are available for as long as you like.

You can enjoy unlimited storage and the flexibility to access, share and download your media in full resolution anytime. Whether you’re at home on a second computer, on your iPhone on the go or on an iPad on vacation, your photo & video history is always just a few clicks away. With Eye-Fi Premium, your shared collections will not expire. So it’s okay if grandma takes a few weeks to go see the photos… tell her to take her time. Eye-Fi Premium makes it a breeze to share just the photos & videos you want, with just the people you want, anytime you want.


Press Release:

View and Share Digital Memories Anywhere, Anytime with Eye-Fi View

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 27, 2010 – Eye-Fi Inc. (, makers of the world’s first wireless memory card, today launched Eye-Fi View, giving consumers a new way to access their photos and videos from virtually any computer or mobile device. Along with Eye-Fi View, Eye-Fi also introduced a new email-sharing feature, allowing direct, private sharing of full-resolution images without clogging inboxes or requiring viewers to login.
“When we released the first Eye-Fi card three years ago, we solved the fundamental problem of getting pictures off the camera and onto computers and online sharing sites. As we enter the biggest photo-sharing season of the year – Halloween to Christmas – we’re delivering an even easier way for people to view and share photos from any device, with more control than ever,” said Jef Holove, President and CEO of Eye-Fi. “Photos and videos of the kids trick-or-treating can be easily emailed to grandma and shown off on dad’s iPad”

When it comes to photography, viewing the images is the point, and more devices – from netbooks to smartphones to tablets – create more ways consumers want to view and show their memories. With Eye-Fi View, this content is now accessible from virtually any Internet connected device and can be viewed and shared at home, at the office, or on the road.

Whether selecting certain photos to share on public sites like Facebook or Flickr, or privately sharing several images or full albums with trusted email contacts, Eye-Fi makes it easy. By simply logging into their Eye-Fi account from any device, users can view photos, publish them on the web, or share them via email.

“There are many sites on which pictures and videos can be shared. But even in this age of social media, email remains the most popular method of sharing among consumers,” added Holove. “With our unique approach to email sharing, Eye-Fi is extending its ease of use capabilities to customers who want to email their photos. Because, put simply, photos are created to view.”

With Eye-Fi’s email feature, users select contacts from their own address book, and recipients – whether Eye-Fi users or not – can easily download full-resolution images through a single link, without worrying about overwhelming their inbox.

Pricing and Availability
With the latest Eye-Fi Center release, Eye-Fi X2 card users can automatically send content to their Eye-Fi View. Access to content uploaded within the last seven days is always free. Upgrade to Eye-Fi Premium to maintain access to an unlimited amount of content for only $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. All Eye-Fi users can take advantage of the new email sharing feature.

Eye-Fi products are now available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Wal-Mart is the latest national retailer to feature Eye-Fi, following the addition of Target earlier this year. Availability beyond electronics and photography outlets underscores the expanding consumer demand for Eye-Fi’s unique solution. Additionally, Eye-Fi’s international users can now subscribe to all Eye-Fi services including Eye-Fi Premium. For more information, visit



Eye-Fi via Engadget

Computer Choppers offer some bling to your iPhone 4

In our generation today, it seems that people are not totally satisfied when it comes to customization of our things, especially on our gadgets.  We require something more creative, something more elegant , something sophisticated in order to showcase our personality.. Which is probably why Computer Choppers have brought out these iPhone 4 cases, plated in gold, white gold, rose gold and of course platinum.

This is what Computer Choppers had to say about their brilliant precious metal iPhone 4 cases:

We now offer custom pattern graphics on 24kt Gold plating (among other types of plating). Graphics, text, and tile patterns are all acceptable. You can create your own custom look or we can create it for you. We can even design diamond jewellery into your custom graphic plated iPhone 4 by request. As usual, we offer our standard plating (chrome, copper, black chrome, 24kt gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum) and finishes in matte, brushed, or polished as well. For those wanting scratch resistance, we can even polish the standard stainless steel midframe.

However, if that was not enough, they have added diamonds, sapphires and a touch of engraving in there too!

No prices available yet, but you know they are going to be expensive….Enjoy!



Computer Choppers via Chip Chick

iPad Engraving available now at Apple online store for FREE!

Apple has just launched free iPad Engraving, just in time for the holiday season. Free, as in $0: for no additional cost, you can add a laser-engraved message onto a new iPad’s aluminum backside. Allowing customers to add up to two lines of custom text to the rear of any iPad ordered through the company’s online store.

The concept of iDevices engraving is not new,.. Back in July, a rumor surfaced claiming that Apple would begin offering engraving on the iPad, much as it does with its iPod line, but after three months, the chances to see such a service offered by the company looked more and more trigger… Until today.

Note that the engraving will delay your shipment by up to 3 days, compared to non-engraved iPads shipping under 24 hours. This delay may increase over time if the service proves to be successful, so if you plan to buy a personalized iPad as a Christmas gift, you may want to place your order within the next month or so, to be sure your iPad will be ready on time.

Apple’s sales and refund policy specifically states, “Personalized iPods (e.g., engraved or customized in any way) may not be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances unless such product is Dead on Arrival.” The policy hasn’t yet been updated for the iPad, but it won’t surprise us at all if the same policy holds true for Apple’s far more expensive tablet.




[via Mac Rumors]

The Docking and Storage Base for iPod, iPhone, iPad

This is the Docking and Storage Base, and it’s designed to keep your desk area neat and tidy.I’m sure this concept is going to bring smiles to many iGeeks (me included not and keep us lusting for it to become a reality! The Docking and Storage Base is a convenient tray that fits under the screen of the iMac or PC and docks everything ‘i’; iPod, iPhone, iPad. It covers the area below and to the back of the screen allowing you to sync, charge, store and display up to 3 devices. Two of the docks are towards the end of the ramp so that they don’t obstruct the main screen, allowing them to be used as secondary screens (clever!). looks like a scene from Mad

The base is basically a handy way to keep all your iStuff lined up in a row, rather than have them laying about all over the place.

The front strip even has a couple of free USB ports for your convenience.

The only wires you’ll see are the ones for a firewire and a power source. Two storage cabinets for other smaller electronic devices, documents and pens, complete this panel’s features.

I’m not much of an iGeek, but i have to say, this would be a must have for me.
I love the sleek, practicality of the design. easy access, easy use. Perfect ..totally Awesome!..

This should definitely be picked up by someone and turned into a reality…it’s brilliant.

because of the its neatly thing you can work peacefully…

Thanks Radhika

Vogel’s Mounting Solution for iPad on the move

Vogel’s introduces a mounting solution for iPad for use at home, at work and on the move. Vogel’s Mount & Cover System® for the iPad is a unique system for mounting Apple’s highly successful tablet – on the wall, in the car, and on your desk or table. Because the iPad is such a compelling device, you want it to be accessible everywhere. The Vogel’s Mount & Cover System, drawing on Vogel’s proven experience in secure mounting systems, lets you safely mount your iPad wherever you need it.

The Vogel mount system quite eliminates the need of an iPad stand as it sticks the iPad firmly on any surface. You may hang the iPad to a wall, or stick it on a table surface and even rotate it 360 degrees, so there’s no need for a stand to prop it up. Unlike with the stand, you don’t have to hold the iPad in your hand. You can stick the iPad to a slew of places like maybe on your mirror to simultaneously work and also dress up in the morning. If travelling, stick it to the back surface of the seat ahead for easier viewing. Similarly you can mount the iPad to almost about any surface, you can think of. The Vogel kit will include a WallMount and BaseCover system, which has a protective cover for iPad and a special handles like WallMount, TabletMount, or CarMount. The Vogel iPad accessories will start selling in the by earlier 2011 for about $101.

For the best seat on the road

The CarMount is securely attached to the headrest of the driver’s or passenger’s seat, ready for the iPad to be attached.

With one simple click, you can mount the iPad with BaseCover onto the CarMount.

Back seat travelers have a great view of the display and can easily control the iPad, to make every journey a pleasure.

For any position: portrait or landscape

As part of the Mount & Cover System, Vogel’s have also developed the TableStand, for free-standing support of the iPad. With the TableStand the iPad can be placed in either portrait or landscape position, on a table, bookshelf or desk, for viewing your favorite photos, movies or TV shows.

For easy viewing

Vogel’s WallMount is part of the Mount & Cover System. It is a discrete and stylishly designed button that can be screwed onto almost any surface. An iPad with BaseCover can then be easily clicked onto the WallMount, so it hangs safely in place, ready for viewing films, photos, recipes, or for other applications. Once mounted, the iPad can be freely rotated through 360 degrees, and the locking system ensures stable and secure support. And unmounting the iPad is just as easy. The WallMount can be attached to any suitable wall. With just one screw, the WallMount is held securely in place. Thanks to the flexibility of the BaseCover and WallMount, you can use your iPad wherever you like, as an alarm clock in the bedroom, as a music player or digital photo display in the living room or as a cookbook in the kitchen. Turn the iPad freely to position it in portrait or landscape mode on the WallMount.

Support and protection for your iPad

Vogel’s BaseCover is the heart of the Mount & Cover system. The BaseCover offers all round protection for the iPad and comes with the special aluminium connector (patent pending), that enables the iPad to be easily mounted onto a range of different mounts and supports such as the WallMount, the Table Stand and the CarMount.

The BaseCover design and special tactile coating adds minimal additional bulk to the iPad, whilst making it extremely comfortable to hold.

The BaseCover can also be reversed to protect the front of your iPad, and the side buttons, when travelling.

The BaseCover ships as standard with one WallMount in the box. Additional WallMounts can be purchased separately.

Via Technabob

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