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iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry how smartphone users see each other (Comic)

C-Section Comics recently published a humorous look at iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users, featuring how each segment of the smartphone user market perceives each other.

This is how smartphone users see each other:

Apparently, the typical iPhone user sees herself as hip, Blackberry users see her as a baby, and Android users consider her as part of Steve Jobs’ death squad. The typical Android user thinks he’s a genius. But iPhone users see him as a nerd, while Blackberry users as a loser in a dead-end job. Typical Blackberry users consider themselves as big-deal businessmen, but are seen as old fogeys by iPhone users, and dinosaurs by Android users.

From my personal observation, not necessarily so, but I do know that a lot of people do subscribe to them. Like Particularly the Blackberry user. We’ve been seeing many smartphone users moving away from the Blackberry platform because they are finally figuring out that no matter what email platform they use for corporate messaging, it just doesn’t make sense anymore to pay for their outrageously priced infrastructure when so many phones support ActiveSync.

Funny thing but somehow true….lol.


BleckBarry – A fancy FAKEberry!

It’s Black, it’s Berry, It looks like BlackBerry, it sounds like BlackBerry! but wait, is it really a BlackBerry???…..No no no no…It’s a BleckBarry.

This is the handset that puts the “phone” in smartphone but, sadly, leaves out the “smart.”

This Fancy “smartPhone” has an amazing features, it has Dual Camera, Has photoflash lamp. Swing-to-next song/background picture function weighing 82.0grams,2.0-inch LCD vibrant color, a (Dual) 2 SIM Slots + Dual Network, a V2.0 bluetooth, 4GB memory in size, 300K Pixels Backside and Front Camera; Picture Max Resolution (640*480), Formatted with MP3/3GP/MP4/JPG/TXT, Built-in FM Radio and TV Tuner (PAL/NTSC/AUTO) , and a Dimensions of: 3.74 in x 1.97 in x 0.47 in (9.5 cm x 5.0 cm x 1.2 cm)
Weight: 2.89 oz (82 g).

This device really does do it all. It looks so much like a BlackBerry — right down to the cloudy looking OS — that no one will ever notice the difference. Me, I thought it was real for a few

Can you have what it takes to have this? I can’t wait to see the raspberry!..:)


Buying Apps: So funny but so true

When you think about it, we buy more things everyday for far more than most applications are worth however we still move away at the thought of paying lots of money for an apps that will be there all the time helping you get through your boring moments and giving you something more to do.

….So funny…..but so true!….

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