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Level Up Zig-Zag Xbox 360 the ultimate storage for your Xbox gear

If you own a gaming gear and you have some sort of problems with regards on assembling your gaming gear on how to look it nice, neat and organized, then Zig-Zag Xbox 360 Storage Tower is one of the storage solution offered by Level-Up.

The Zig-Zag Xbox 360 Storage Tower is the ultimate storage unit for all of your Xbox gear. It comes in two colors white or gray and can hold 13 games, 4 controllers, 2 guitars and your XBOX 360 console.

This gaming rack stand strong and stands just under 3 feet high. It comes in about 10 pieces and snaps together, no tools required. It came in a very clean and well branded box. The tower was very simple to assemble and looks great.

As you can see in the picture, the unit itself sports a green band at the top and the bottom along with the name LevelUp on the upper front right side. There are four slots on the very top of the tower for your 360 controllers. On the left and right sides there are hangers for your 360 guitars. The unit has a split level design. The lower level for your console to stand vertically and the upper level to put your games in any of the thirteen slots provided. It transformed itself from a plasticky organizer to a high quality storage center worthy of housing the Xbox and its gear. It took 10-15 minutes to construct. There are 13 slits on the side that expose the back of your Xbox games, so you’ll have 13 green bars running up the side.

There are similar Storage Towers available from Level Up for the Wii and PS3 too. If you will search for Zig-Zag on the internet, there will be different prices on it. Amazon is selling it for $136; meanwhile Toys-R-Us is selling it for just $34.99, but the official retail price is $69.99.








Philippe Starck Hard Drive designed speeds up with the USB 3.0

STORAGE SPECIALIST Lacie has released a USB 3.0 mobile hard drive styled by French designer Philippe Starck. Starck is known for making minimalist design meet mass-market production and is very batty indeed as seen in the BBC’s recent Design for Life program.

Starck has turned his skills to design Lacie, he use liquid metal trapped in a box effect USB 3.0 mobile hard drive just in time for Christmas shopping geeks to lap it up.

The Lacie Starck Mobile USB 3.0 hard drive is encased in 2mm thick aluminium, It is only out with 500GB capacity and comes with backup software and 10GB of online storage.

It is available now and will set you back for $109 in the US and £89 in the UK.




The Docking and Storage Base for iPod, iPhone, iPad

This is the Docking and Storage Base, and it’s designed to keep your desk area neat and tidy.I’m sure this concept is going to bring smiles to many iGeeks (me included not and keep us lusting for it to become a reality! The Docking and Storage Base is a convenient tray that fits under the screen of the iMac or PC and docks everything ‘i’; iPod, iPhone, iPad. It covers the area below and to the back of the screen allowing you to sync, charge, store and display up to 3 devices. Two of the docks are towards the end of the ramp so that they don’t obstruct the main screen, allowing them to be used as secondary screens (clever!). looks like a scene from Mad

The base is basically a handy way to keep all your iStuff lined up in a row, rather than have them laying about all over the place.

The front strip even has a couple of free USB ports for your convenience.

The only wires you’ll see are the ones for a firewire and a power source. Two storage cabinets for other smaller electronic devices, documents and pens, complete this panel’s features.

I’m not much of an iGeek, but i have to say, this would be a must have for me.
I love the sleek, practicality of the design. easy access, easy use. Perfect ..totally Awesome!..

This should definitely be picked up by someone and turned into a reality…it’s brilliant.

because of the its neatly thing you can work peacefully…

Thanks Radhika

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