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Binatone has unveiled its Android-based iDECT iHome Phone for Landlines

Probably when you read or hear about android, usually and most of you will be thinking about mobile devices. Well here’s a new news for you guys. Binatone has unveiled its Android-based iDECT iHome Phone for landlines.

iDECT iHome Phone is meant for landlines, although it will come with features that are normally associated with Android-powered handsets. The phone is a DECT digital cordless phone that includes features more typically seen on an Android smartphone, and not in a regular home phone. In addition to running a stock version of Android, the device also includes Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), a 2.8-inch 320×240 color touchscreen and a microSD card slot. Apps include are an email client, internet radio, browser, YouTube video player and MP3 player.

More typical home phone functions are a Contacts Manager and a 14 minute digital answering machine. Other functions include call waiting caller ID, alarm, clock and calendar as well as battery life that extends to 80 hours of stand-by time or up to 8 hours of talk time per charge.

Its out in Europe for $142 after conversion, we don’t think this is going to make a splash in more technologically advanced countries as the adoption of landlines have been declining slowly but surely worldwide.






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