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BleckBarry – A fancy FAKEberry!

It’s Black, it’s Berry, It looks like BlackBerry, it sounds like BlackBerry! but wait, is it really a BlackBerry???…..No no no no…It’s a BleckBarry.

This is the handset that puts the “phone” in smartphone but, sadly, leaves out the “smart.”

This Fancy “smartPhone” has an amazing features, it has Dual Camera, Has photoflash lamp. Swing-to-next song/background picture function weighing 82.0grams,2.0-inch LCD vibrant color, a (Dual) 2 SIM Slots + Dual Network, a V2.0 bluetooth, 4GB memory in size, 300K Pixels Backside and Front Camera; Picture Max Resolution (640*480), Formatted with MP3/3GP/MP4/JPG/TXT, Built-in FM Radio and TV Tuner (PAL/NTSC/AUTO) , and a Dimensions of: 3.74 in x 1.97 in x 0.47 in (9.5 cm x 5.0 cm x 1.2 cm)
Weight: 2.89 oz (82 g).

This device really does do it all. It looks so much like a BlackBerry — right down to the cloudy looking OS — that no one will ever notice the difference. Me, I thought it was real for a few

Can you have what it takes to have this? I can’t wait to see the raspberry!..:)


Microsoft will Launch its New Mobile OS-Windows7 on Oct.

Microsoft first announced at Mobile World Congress 2010 that it was creating a new mobile operating system to take on Apple and Google. Since then, the company has never announced a date for the launch of the OS, or the devices that are launching alongside it.

Pocket-lint is reporting today that its sources, “senior figures within the industry,” are pegging October 11 as the special day, with a New York launch event to make it all official. The handsets will then be available later that month, according to one of those sources.

According to some commentators :

Looks good. Manuf & feed will be key. So far decent makers with feeds to be determined. Imagine most majors will be on board. Win 7 Ultimate works like a dream. No crashes and runs everything. Waiting on niew IE 9 tho 8 just fine on x32 system.
Having Flash enabled us a plus too. Wouldn’t care for blank web pages.
Test will be how competes with Blackberry and stock broker’s site. Not sure if it can handle a large freestanding stock trading program. Have to test that.
Thanks for ongoing coverage on this.

thanks to Paul Miller

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