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Sound Asleep pillow features built-in speakers

Are you a music lover? and you need to listen to some music before you can actually fall asleep? Then Sound Asleep pillow will fit for your problems. This wonderfully squishy pillow has a built-in speakers that can connect to any audio source including iPods, mp3 players, radios and TVs. The built-in speaker pillow sings out its desire to bring peace , if not quiet, to the sleeping masses. Simply plug your music source (iPod, radio, TV out) into the pillow’s. The pillow has a 46 detachable stereo plug and the sound quality coming out of the speaker is fairly decent too. The pillow is otherwise a normal fluffy pillow it relieves your stress and tension, it won’t disturb others. 100% cotton with an all-polyester fill and 180 thread count. Measures 20″ x 26″.

For $30, It’s a fun combination of comfort and sound without headphones so you can easily drift off to sleep while enjoying your favorite music.


Love to Rock Speakers from PB Teen, Tune in and rock out.

What are some real good speakers to ROCK out with? Loud and proud, clear and full range. You love to Rock or Not? Then the Love to Rock Speakers from PB Teen has got it out for you. Well, probably if your not a Rocker or you don’t even like the taste of looking or being a Rockstar, then is not a problem especially for the Hippie Chicks out there. Because the Black Rock Speaker and the Pink Rock Speaker looks Hippie and as a matter of fact, these speakers are artsy enough to be hung up on a wall, and certainly look good together as a pair, thats why anyone can be fond of it either your a rocker or not. These brick shaped speakers double as AM/FM radios and measure 9″ wide x 2″ deep x 4″ high and it can be bought for $25.00.

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