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iOS 4.1 Jailbreak SHAtter for ALL iOS Devices

A hacker named pod2g has now found an exploit to Jailbreak iOS 4.1. This exploit is based on a boot ROM exploit, meaning it targets a low-level part of the OS and Apple can’t patch this with a software update. From what everyone has been saying on Twitter the Jailbreak will work for ALL current devices running iOS 4.1 and it will be called SHAtter. As of right now the jailbreak isn’t complied into a software ready to be released so it may be a few days.

Word around the Twittersphere is that the exploit named SHAtter is in the bootrom section, together with Pwnage 2.0 and 24kpwn which will make all existing devices, including the new iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G pwned for life! It is obviously not publicly available yet, both theChronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev Team hackers are hard at work right now trying to get everything ready for full release.

I will of course let you know whenever these new jailbreak and unlock tools for iOS 4.1 are available for download.


Apple Peel 520 supports this new iPod touch

The new iPod touch is just like an iPhone 4, without the phone part. It’s thinner than the original, and we are wondering if the Apple Peel 520 supports this new iPod touch. Well, we guess probably not. I’m so happy to see Apple has put most of the key features of iPhone 4 on the new iPod touch. If you are thinking if the Apple Peel supports the new device, we think the manufacturer should do some updates on it first. They need to redesign the Apple Peel case, to make it slimmer and cut a hole on the back for the camera. The openings for the side buttons, speaker, mic and dock connector should be re-adjusted. And here comes the most important part, the software. Since the new iPod touch will be shipped with iOS 4.1, Apple Peel needs a new app to support the latest firmware, and the manufacturer needs to wait for a new jailbreak to allow his app to be installed through cydia on iOS 4.1. The Apple peel 520 have already sold out overseas and availability for the US is still unknown the company hasn’t set an official date, expect cost to be around $60. The company claims that the 800mAh battery offers nearly five hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby.

Looking at this, we think the manufacturer of Apple Peel definitely needs to produce another case for the new iPod touch, allowing the device to gain the phone feature.

There will be no reasons for me to buy an iPhone 4, since I could get a similar device with almost all the incredible key features from the new iPhone, for half the price now. We will just sit down and wait for the new Apple Peel to come.

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Examiner via Micgadget

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