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Procedure on how to bypass passcode and make calls on iPhone 4(Video)

Most user set up a password to prevent others from accessing the phone’s contents, but mac hoe– creator of machoe blog site shares and posted a video of himself on the internet showing a quick way on how to bypass passcode and how to make calls on any iPhone running on iOS 4.1.

According to him, these are the 3 easy Steps:

  1. Enter Emergency Call.
  2. Dial #### or any number.
  3. Quickly press the unlock button.

and that’s it!


That simple procedure gives access to the phone app, which contains the address book, voicemail and call history – but it does not allow access to texts, emails or any other iPhone apps.

Try it now!….


Source: Machoe

Kill that Noise!

As we all know, elevated workplace or other noise can cause hearing impairment but not just only that, it has also an psychological effect on our behavior such as shown in Picture 2. (Caution harmful Noise). So we really needed something like this thing.

This  bright-orange polyester buds is a Noise Cancellation Earphones which eliminate noises in the surroundings so that you can listen to music clearly or sleep peacefully somewhere. Great isn’t it?…The Kill Noise earplug suits this purpose and realizes noise reduction by electronic filtering, which can make people communicate easily in the noisy environments. The bright-orange polyester buds have an adjustment knob to set the filters and a built-in battery that lasts long.


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