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Here is the latest product from Yubz – the Rotating Speaker designed for your iPhone’s, iPod’s and or other music players and mobile devices. With its rotatable design, users can turn the speaker station at 90° to enjoy both music and videos while recharging your iPhone in one speaker device.

Simply secure your device in the media station and speaker system to listen to music. Or, rotate the docking station 90° to make the device horizontal to enjoy videos.

The Rotating Speaker features multi-dimensional acoustic performance delivered by YUBZ’s advanced Sound Space 2.0™ technology to ensure supreme sound quality and pre-built optimized equalization.

Product Features:

Recharge and playback docking for iPod/ iPhone
90° rotatable docking
Vertical mode to play music, and horizontal mode to play videos
Sound Space 2.0™ technology
Remote control to choose songs and adjust volume
3.5mm Stereo mini Jack to connect with other devices


The price of the Rotating Speaker is a bit pricey at $149.99.





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