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Meet the newest gadgets creation for your iPod’s, iPhone’s, and iPad’s. Even if you aren’t a fan of the iPad, or any one of Apple’s creations, you do have to admit that there’s a huge array of very interesting applications, both physical and digital, that get created to support those pieces of gadgetry.While many of them may be unique in their own way, we can safely say that the xWave from PLX Devices is definitely unique in pretty much every way you think about it.

From what i have gather, PLX Devices’ XWave is a brainwave interface that works on the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. It’s actually a relatively small device that fits right onto your cranium, much like a pair of over-the-ear headphones, which will at the later time read the brainwaves therein. PLX Devices says that you’ll be able to control your own mind, as well as the world around it.

According to the company’s site, this is what they say:

XWave, powered by NeuroSky eSense patented technologies, senses the faintest electrical impulses transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital. With XWave, you will be able to detect attention and meditation levels, as well as train your mind to control things. Objects in a game can be controlled, lights in your living room can change color depending on your mood; the possibilities are limited to only the power of your imagination.

I haven’t seen one of these yet, but I think it is great to have one of these…lol..I just really wanna see some one walking down the street with one of these.Plus you look really cool… … ..=) I was thinking, maybe next thing they will develop is someone who could control your brains….not



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