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Bone Horn Stand is a portable ‘speaker’ for iPhone 4


There are tons of speakers, stands and stand-speaker hybrids out there for iPhone 4’s, but I have to admit that the Bone Horn Stand is probably one of the most unique ones.  Retro lovers sure will love this new stuff for their iPhone 4. It’s a peripheral to enhance iPhone 4′s speaker quality, and it could doubled as your iPhone 4 stand, too!

The Bone Horn speaker stand is silicon, making it portable and durable. iPhone sits in a slot that directs the speaker audio through a tube and out of a horn. It works much like an old gramophone player. The slot your phone slides into is about an inch deep; it covers your iPhone up to the bottom of the screen. There is a button overlay for your home button. On the underside there is a cutout for the sync/charge cable and a cutout for the microphone. When iPhone is sitting in the Bone Horn Stand it can be propped up in a vertical or horizontal viewing position. The iPhone charging cable will not interfere with the mount. Because the slot is silicon, it can expand to accommodate some iPhone cases, and even older iPhones. Bone Horn stand can fit an iPhone 4 with a bumper case, but anything bulkier and the home button overlay won’t line up. It will also fit any iPhone, but there is a catch. Apple switched the speaker location on iPhone 4 (moved left to right) so to use other iPhones you have to flip iPhone so it’s facing the opposite direction.

According to Book of Joe, the Bone Horn Stand “adds 12 decibels of sound pressure to your iPhone’s speakers without asking for an erg of battery juice. You can also use it to prop your iPhone into a vertical or horizontal viewing position.” It sells for only $24.95 at the and is available in three colors: Green, Black, Bone.



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