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Croc iPad Case probably the most expensive case. What a Croc!

What a Croc!……Designed by Jennifer Tattanelli this crocodile iPad cover was discovered in Florence, Capital of Tuscany. Tattanelli has deep roots in the city’s traditional luxury leather goods industry. She take over the family business, creating leather jackets and bags that bring new meaning to the phrase “like buttah.”

After seeing other cases that have been unveiled by many companies, that were all style and no substance, Tattanelli decided she could do better. And she has. Her own Croc iPad Case. Her gorgeous crocodile case comes in two color to chose,one is espresso and black which is not shown in the picture. It is not only protective, but can be folded back to prop up an iPad in various positions for presentations, and includes an interior pocket for documents and business cards.

This stuff is tough. It’s also got kick-ass shopping, particularly its beautifully hand-crafted leather goods that’s why it is probably the most expensive Case that has been released for a whopping $1599.

if the suede lining happens to get dirty,just dust the stain with baby power and brush it with a soft brush. Says Tattanelli.

Product Details

Dimensions: 9.5″ x 7.5″ x .5″
Features: Cover can be used in different positions.

Shipping: This item will ship in 4-5 weeks.

Return policy: This item is final sale.





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