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Orange HTC Desire owner expecting update to Android 2.2

HTC Desire owners have been holding their breath and waiting anxiously for the upgrade to the latest version of Android, ‘Froyo’. However, if you are on the Orange mobile network then you will unfort

unately be sorely disappointed today, as news emerges that the over-the-air update has been delayed until mid-September.

Android fans there has been a delay in receiving the 2.2 Froyo update from HTC, & we now expect it to be available mid-Sep. Apologies–commented by one of the usersCanor Maples.

The official HTC Desire Android ‘Froyo’ update came from HTC at the beginning of August, but many of the networks have opted to delay the release to its customers until they have fully tested the stability of Android 2.2, though they deny they are adding their own little ‘frills’ to the update.

This is not the first time that Orange customers have been disappointed with an Android update, with HTC Hero owners tied to Orange had to wait a month for their update to 2.1. Clearly the guys at Orange with the responsibility of rolling out the network are just a tad pedantic or perhaps they’ve found issues and are now trying to fix them.

So please don’t shoot the messenger Orange customers, but I’m afraid the news today isn’t exactly happy for you. Be patient, sit tight and keep reading our commentaries of Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ in anticipation.


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