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The HEX Watch Band is not the first Nano Watch Band we’ve seen, but it looks like it may be the best one so far. It is the slickest and you will have it for $24.99.

The first Watch Band they added a watch strap to the iPod Nano slipped through the Nano’s pocket clip. Unlike the HEX  works much better, with a custom fitted holder that’s also designed to protect the Nano from knocks and scratches.

The silicone Hex strap comes in nine groovy colors, and has a square compartment that the entire Nano can slip into. There’s even a hole for the headphone jack, so you can still listen to your tunes while wearing it.

As the company’s cartoon infographic says, you just pop it in the case, and presto, it’s a watch!What also nice is that it provides some protection for your Nano and has some integrated control buttons.

imagine if the nano had bluetooth capabilities ..wireless headphones would definitely be a plus!…that’s it!.



HEX via Geeky Gadgets


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