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A device believed to be real. It’s made by Samsung, not HTC. Someone’s claiming hands-on experience with the upcoming Google-brand Android smartphone, and from their report it’s all disappointingly similar to the Galaxy S.


Rumors of  a Samsung Google Nexus Two is continue to grow, With Gizmodo having heard from a tipster who apparently got to play with the Samsung-made device. Like the Galaxy S family, it’s apparently made from black, glossy plastic and feels really similar to the Galaxy S in a lot ways, though the back has got this curve to it.

There’s also a roughly 4-inch display, which the source believes to be Super AMOLED, and a “sort of concave” front panel.  Externally, the main difference from all of the current Galaxy S variants in the US is that it’s got a front-facing video camera. It is the only confirmed hardware spec, with no word on the CPU or which “really buggy” stock build of Android the Nexus Two was running.  Note, the picture above is a mock-up.



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