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It’s Real!..Sony PlayStation phone is based on new version of Android: Gingerbread. PlayStation Phone had been rumored a number of times in the past, but no one knew how Sony is going to design the new one. Atleast now engadget confirms that this is the new PS phone.

To drive the games, Sony will ship PS Phone with  1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor, 512mb RAM, 1GB ROM, with a screen size of 3.8″. It would run games from the android marketplace along with a custom Sony Marketplace which will allow you to purchase and download games designed for the new platform. The handset also has a long touchpad in the center which appears to do multi-touch. As far as the button schemes are concerned, everything should remain identical to original PSP. And yea, no Memory Stick slot, only microSD cards. The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone will introduce the Sony Marketplace where users can buy games made for the new OS.

The final product would definitely  have better finish, look. It’s unlikely to arrive before the holidays; we’d bet on a Q1 or Q2 2011 release.

Lets hope that device actually performs better than iPhone 4 gen devices, after all its a dedicated Gaming phone.

Will game players be able to get their thumbs all over this unit during the holidays? With the software said to be buggy, November almost upon us, and the joint venture usually running late to the carriers-a 2011 launch date would seem more likely.




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