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In our generation today, it seems that people are not totally satisfied when it comes to customization of our things, especially on our gadgets.  We require something more creative, something more elegant , something sophisticated in order to showcase our personality.. Which is probably why Computer Choppers have brought out these iPhone 4 cases, plated in gold, white gold, rose gold and of course platinum.

This is what Computer Choppers had to say about their brilliant precious metal iPhone 4 cases:

We now offer custom pattern graphics on 24kt Gold plating (among other types of plating). Graphics, text, and tile patterns are all acceptable. You can create your own custom look or we can create it for you. We can even design diamond jewellery into your custom graphic plated iPhone 4 by request. As usual, we offer our standard plating (chrome, copper, black chrome, 24kt gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum) and finishes in matte, brushed, or polished as well. For those wanting scratch resistance, we can even polish the standard stainless steel midframe.

However, if that was not enough, they have added diamonds, sapphires and a touch of engraving in there too!

No prices available yet, but you know they are going to be expensive….Enjoy!



Computer Choppers via Chip Chick


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