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A hacker named pod2g has now found an exploit to Jailbreak iOS 4.1. This exploit is based on a boot ROM exploit, meaning it targets a low-level part of the OS and Apple can’t patch this with a software update. From what everyone has been saying on Twitter the Jailbreak will work for ALL current devices running iOS 4.1 and it will be called SHAtter. As of right now the jailbreak isn’t complied into a software ready to be released so it may be a few days.

Word around the Twittersphere is that the exploit named SHAtter is in the bootrom section, together with Pwnage 2.0 and 24kpwn which will make all existing devices, including the new iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G pwned for life! It is obviously not publicly available yet, both theChronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev Team hackers are hard at work right now trying to get everything ready for full release.

I will of course let you know whenever these new jailbreak and unlock tools for iOS 4.1 are available for download.



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