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Castiv Media is proud to announce the Guitar Sidekick, a guitar mounted holding system designed for Iphones/Ipods.  It enables the musician to easily use any of the music/guitar apps available on iTunes, such as: video lessons, lyrics teleprompter, audio recorder, metronome, tabs display, and instrument tuner.

The best thing about this accessory, the Guitar Sidekick is compatible with any guitar, and it does not affect playing or tuning.

The Guitar Sidekick is positioned between the nut and the machine heads (tuners) of the guitar by clipping it around the strings as you can see in the picture. The grip can freely rotate and position the iPhone in either portrait or landscape mode.

The Guitar Sidekick from Castiv might help sooth those stage jitters, especially since this device will connect to the neck of your guitar. Boasting an adjustable mechanism that will accommodate just about any smartphone like iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry, Android, PSP, Zune, iTab, and more.

Guitar Sidekick for the iPhone, iPod touch, and other devices is available for $29.99 (USD). MP4 Tabs Lite is a free application.

For more info about the Guitar sidekick visit the castiv media site.


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